What & How to eat before you go for Exercise
What & How to eat before you go for Exercise

It happens quite often when you feel inactive or lazy while hitting the gym. It could be the consequences of your careless attitude towards diet chart which you have to follow to perform the best at the gym. All dietitian suggests that you should eat well before and after going to gym. Have a look at these tips.

1.    Your Morning Work Out: - The early exercisers should never go empty stomach. The adequate you eat, the more your body will perform better during work out. During morning workout 100-calories are sufficient and carbs are allowed

•    Handful of dry fruits, eggs, banana pre-workout.
•    Eat within 45 min after workout. 

2.    Your Evening Work Out:- Diet during evening work out is completely different. Don’t forget to have fruits, dry fruits and nuts before work out.

•    Have a balance of Carbs and Proteins.
•    Try cereals with almond milk, yogurt to compensate your body.