Advice From Jennifer Lopez
Advice From Jennifer Lopez

If you want to get advice for someone who is competent enough to help you, than Jennifer Lopez is definitely a big yes in that case.
Not only this woman looks amazing for almost 46 years, but she looks good for someone much younger. She is definitely a goddess. Here’s what she has to say about diet and fitness:
She doesn’t only eat healthy food, but she also likes to dance and to work out and those things helped her maintain this amazing body. Jennifer knows that she is a big inspiration to a lot of women so she decided to make a fitness competition which will stimulate women all around the world to work out and feel more pretty and healthy.
Women who decide to do this, will spend ten weeks with this Latino diva, and Jennifer will be their biggest motivation and someone who will guide them through every obstacle and challenge.
Famous singer says that it is really important to drink a lot of water which is necessary for a proper hydration of our organism.
If you want to know what Jennifer eats, here is the example:
For breakfast she eat usually smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, lemon juice and ice.
For lunch she makes salad with kale, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, salt and little bit of fresh lemon juice.
Her snack is usually an apple.
And for her dinner she eats low-fat chicken, little bit of seafood and sea salt.