How to look like Britney Spears
How to look like Britney Spears

Britney has always been one of the hottest celebrities in the world. People have always wondered how she got those amazing abs and perfect butt. Still few years ago media claimed that she did gain some weight, but luckily she managed to get rid of them, and now she looks better than ever.
Many of you probably ask how? Well we found out how and will gladly help you. She hired a personal trainer who already helped Pink and Janet Jackson. He helped Britney to bring back her old figure and look amazing as always.

His name is Tony Martinez and he was working with Britney two years ago, back in 2013 when she asked for his assistance because she was having a tour in Las Vegas.
She realized how good Tony was and that’s why she decided to hire him again. Tony said that she likes different types of exercises and what is even better she wants to do it right.
Britney also uses trainings for hikers and she is doing exercises for her abs. She finds them entertaining which is very important because that stimulates her even more.
When it comes to her diet he said she eats anything and by anything he means: proteins, carbohydrates and fat. But what is really important to mention is that everything is balanced. She doesn’t over-consume anything.

Tony said that Britney needs energy because she is doing cardio and he also said that she is very good at tennis.
He added that Britney is very sweet and funny and down to earth and that she likes to make jokes and laugh.