Menstruation and Exercise
Menstruation and Exercise

Just because it is your time of month doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Following are few myths which we will try to bust about exercising when you’re on your periods.
Exercise helps to deal with mood swings
While exercising, our body releases endorphins, which are happy hormones. So, a light cardio or jog will definitely make you feel better.
Exercise in your comfort zone
Listen to your body and work out on a level that’s comfortable for you. The best would be to stick with your regular workout schedule and eat healthy.
Pool is ON
Use the right type of protection and then a bit of swimming or relaxing in a hot shower after a sweaty workout will help in circulation, which calms cramps.
If cardio routine makes you unhappy during those days then opt for yoga. Yoga is a perfect way to tone muscles, ease the cramps and pain.