Should You Encourage Your Daughter to Take Sports?
Should You Encourage Your Daughter to Take Sports?

Disciplined parenting is required to deal with the blasting energy of any child. And when it comes to your daughter, should you encourager her to take sports? If you think your daughter has interest in any particular sport and possesses the skills to make it big, here’s how you can encourage her

•Support her unconditionally
•Set it right that it’s the spirit that matters, winning and losing are a part of the game
•Help her with her routine practice
•Set an example of healthy lifestyle by introducing healthy food
•Allow her to experiment with different sports before she goes for specialty
•Educate her to stand against women sports inequity
•Don’t always talk about sports, let her enjoy a regular life.
•Encourage an array of activities that instigate broad physical activities such as balance, throwing, coordination and speed

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t encourage your daughter to take sports and become a woman athlete.