4 Fitness tips to get killer body
4 Fitness tips to get killer body

Here are some superb kick ass tips which will help you to get a killer body:

1. Consume minimum refined carbohydrates: Whenever you consume any refined carbohydrates, it produces insulin in your body which is responsible for holding fat.

So avoid consuming foods like chocolates, white rice, honey, breads, cookies and cereals (Except some of them).

2. Control or minimize the consumption of sweet liquids Juices, lattes, soda, mojitos etc. all such kinds of drink consists of excessive unrequired sugar, so avoid consuming them. You can go for some non- mixed and simple drinks like vodka, back coffee or simple water whenever you want to consume liquid.

3. Increase number of meals and reduce the quantity of food available in each meal. Eat 5 times in one day: 3 meals and two times snacks, snacks will be between breakfast and lunch and next one is going to between lunch and dinner.

4. Increase the consumption of proteins Proteins help your body by protecting your body from over loaded insulin. You can consume food like chicken, yogurt with low fat and there are much more food available that contains high quantity of proteins. They contain amino acids, they help the muscles of our body in recovering faster after a workout.

Any kind of exercise can be differentiated on the basis of three – quantity or volume, the intensity of the exercise and weight you are lifting in the exercise. So deicide the exercise on the basis of your requirement and select exercise on the basis of these three scales.