Risks associated with exercise and how to reduce them
Risks associated with exercise and how to reduce them

Regular exercise has numerous health benefits but it can be dangerous under certain circumstances or if not done in the right manner. One of the risks associated with exercise is that it can result in serious injury for certain categories of people. For instance, old women run the risk of developing Osteoporosis or breaking their bones if they engage in strenuous exercise.

Similarly people with heart problems risk sudden cardiac arrest during exercise. For women, intensive exercise can cause menstrual cycle complications or in some cases complete stoppage of menstruation. This can upset the woman’s hormonal balance and cause reproductive health problems.

Another risk associated with exercise is loss of fat and muscle in case of excessive exercise .For overweight people, loss of certain amount of fat is desirable and even recommended. However, excess loss of fat or muscle due to excessive exercising can bring serious health problems.

Exercise is also considered risky if it causes addiction. There are certain people who are obsessed with exercise. They insist on exercising even when it is ill advised to do so. Fortunately, all these risks can be significantly reduced by adhering to the following precautions

a) Getting a certified trainer can prevent the occurrence of an injury during exercise
b) Exercising in moderation is a sure way ensuring safety during and after exercise
c) Experts advise people to engage in diverse exercises not just a single repetitive activity to reduce the possibility of getting injured.
d) Finally, for people who exercise to relieve stress, it is advisable that they seek alternative channels of stress relief such as counseling otherwise they run the risk of excessive exercise