The benefits of exercise
The benefits of exercise

It has been proven time and again that exercise has many benefits to the human body. First, exercise facilitates weight control. In America obesity has become a national problem. This can be alleviated by encouraging Americans to exercise regularly. Exercising burns calories and results in weight loss.

Another documented benefit of exercise is that it helps fight certain diseases such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, depression and even Arthritis. Exercising also creates a good mood for those who exercise. After a workout, a person feels strong, healthy and happy. Regular workout also improves a person’s physical appearance making him or her feel confident and satisfied.

Exercise   also increases energy levels in the human body. It improves a person’s muscle strength and increases substantially their levels of physical endurance. Regular exercise also improves the efficiency of lungs and the heart leading to a better health.
Many people today suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. However people who exercise regularly sleep well without any problem. They are able to get adequate quantity and quality of sleep every night.

One interesting benefit of exercise is that it improves significantly the sex lives of both men and women. Doctors have established that regular physical exercise increases sexual arousal and satisfaction in women. Such women are physically strong and derive immense satisfaction from sexual intercourse as opposed to their female counterparts who do not exercise. Men who exercise frequently are less likely to suffer from sexual ailments such as erectile dysfunction
In conclusion therefore it is abundantly clear that regular exercise bestows upon a person numerous health benefits.